Kester 44 Rosin Core Solder 60/40 .031 1 lb Spool

Brand: mklec Select
Model: 24-6040-0027
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Kester 44 rosin core solder is designed for electronic and electrical work. It uses a fast acting, instant wetting, non-corrosive, and non-conductive flux for faster soldering and a strong, long lasting bond.

Kester Sn60 Pb40 44 Product Performance

  • Excellent for instant wetting action
  • Residue removal is not required for most applications
  • Residue is non-corrosive and non-conductive under normal conditions
  • High activity RA core flux provides excellent wetting action even on nickel surfaces
  • Residues are non-corrosive if not cleaned
  • Industry standard for electrical and electronic hand soldering
  • Excellent solderability to a wide variety of metallizations

Kester 24-6040-0027 Specifications:

  • Wire Diameter: .031" Dia., 0.80mm (21 gauge)
  • Alloy: SN60 / PB 40 (60% tin, 40% lead)
  • Flux: RA Rosin Activated
  • Melting Range: 361-374º F, 183-190º C
  • Core Size: 66 (regular core size, 3.3% by weight)
  • Spool size: 1 lb.
  • RoHS Compliant: No



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