Component Multi-meter Tester - Assembled

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This Component Multi-meter Tester is a DIY kit that tests transistors, resistors, capacitors, diodes, etc.
This unit is a fully-assembled.
It can be powered by an AC-to-DC adapter with 5.5 - 12V or an optional 9V battery connector (included, but requires soldering).

Components can be connected to any of the 3 terminals on the terminal block for testing.
Terminals are numbered 1-3 from left-to-right.

This unit is based off of the ATMEGA328 microcontroller and has been fully tested.

  • Measure diode forward voltage, capacitance, and identify anode/cathode of diode
  • Measure transistor pinout, gain, etc.
  • Measure capacitors from 10pF - 220uF, capacitance & ESR
  • Measure resistors from 1 - 10M Ohm
  • Power usage: 12mA

Important: Disconnect battery when not in use to avoid battery drain. This device has a very small standby current and if left sitting for long periods, it will drain the battery.

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