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The trigBoard is an IoT project that does one thing - it pushes you a notification triggered by a digital input.
The trigBoard is a WiFi board that essentially sleeps most of the time and when a door switch, flood sensor, motion sensor, etc.. gets triggered, it sends a notification immediately to your wireless phone/tablet/etc.

  • Simple IoT development board that was designed to trigger "Push Notifications" on a smart phone/tablet based on a trigger event.
  • Unique low-power front-end to enable sub 1uA sleep current - uses a pulse to trigger wake-up, so even if door/window/etc is opened, the same ultra low currents can be maintained. Compare to standard pull-up/down resistor based digital input designs with significantly higher leakage current.
  • The board will wake itself up once an hour to check the battery voltage - if running low, a push notification is sent to warn the user. This timer can be used to check other things as well - temperature changes, accelerometers, or other environmental sensors.
  • Based on ESP8266 WiFi Module (ESP-12S) - all source code is available for download and developed in the popular Arduino IDE.
  • Battery Input can be any Lithium Polymer 3.7V - standard micro JST connector jack is used (please double check polarity),any of these would work nicely.
  • Sensor input to trigger the "Wake Up" is a simple passive switch. Typically a standard magnetic door/window switch is used and the board can be configured to wake on the "opening" (Normally Closed) or "closure" (Normally Open) of the contact. Solder jumpers set this - Normally Closed is Default, so standard door/window switches wake the board up when opened.
  • Battery Charging On-Board via MicroUSB - set for 4.2V at 500mA. 5V input pads broken out for energy harvesting experimentation.
  • Dimensions only 0.8" x 1.6 " (20.32mm x 40.64mm)

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