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The USB to Serial Converter's core function is to covert a USB connection from a PC/MAC/Linux into a Serial (UART) interface to a microcontroller.
It also supports Arduino Compatible programming, so Microcontrollers burned with the Arduino Bootloader can be programmed with this board.
This module makes an exellent companion to the Ultimate Prototyping Board.

*This module requires a micro-USB cable, sold separately.

Features of the board:

  • Genuine FTDI USB-Serial Converter (FT230X) - reliable connection, drivers often already installed on Windows/Mac.
  • Simple 6 pin interface to projects - standard consistent pinout (see photo)
  • Power Supply Options - Board can source either 5V (USB 500mA) or 3.3V (50mA Regulator)
  • Jumpers to select if Power is applied from this board to project, or if the interface is for communication only.
  • Jumper to select if logic level is 5V or 3.3V - real level translators on board (M74VHC1GT50DTT1G)
  • 4 post micro USB port offering a solid and robust design, so "flex" micro USB cables can be used, but also reduce the risk of the USB connector breaking off the board.
  • Bright LEDs for Power, RX, and TX. The power LED is on anytime the board is plugged in via USB.
    The TX LED turns on when Data is Sent out through the USB port, while the RX LED turns on when data is received from the USB port.
    So if the device plugged into the Serial port is transmitting data OUT, then the TX LED will turn on, or if data is being received, the RX LED will turn on.

You can find out more about this board at:

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