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328 Board - ATMEGA328P Microcontroller Board
The 328 board is a bare bones breakout board for the ATMEGA328P. Nearly all of the IO has been broke..
Bluetooth Low Energy Board - Anaren A20737 - KD Circuits
The Bluetooth Low Energy Board is based on Anaren's BLE Module A20737. This is one of the easiest t..
Coin Board - CR2032 Battery PCB
The Coin Board is a simple Coin Cell Battery holder board for Lithium (CR2032 Batteries). It was des..
DIY 328 Board - ATMEGA328P Microcontroller Board
Are you ready to give SMD soldering a try?  The DIY version of the 328 board is a great project..
Kevin Darrah ATMEGA328P Cheater Board PCB
These ATMEGA328P Cheater Board PCBs by Kevin Darrah are a bare-bones style PCB for the ATMEGA328P-PU..
LDO Board - Linear Regulator Board
The LDO board or "Low Drop Out" board is essentially a break out board for linear regulators. It sup..
Platform Board
The Platform Board allows for easy prototyping with various KD Circuits' boards including the BLE Bo..
The Ultimate Prototyping Board ATMEGA328
The Ultimate Prototype Board offers a slick solution to making your projects more permanent. Instead..
The USB to Serial Converter - KD Circuits
The USB to Serial Converter's core function is to covert a USB connection from a PC/MAC/Linux into a..
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