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Kits, projects, and PCBs designed by Kevin Darrah at KD Circuits,

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328 Board - ATMEGA328P Microcontroller Board
The 328 board is a bare bones breakout board for the ATMEGA328P. Nearly all of the IO has been broke..
Bluetooth Low Energy Board - Anaren A20737 - KD Circuits
The Bluetooth Low Energy Board is based on Anaren's BLE Module A20737. This is one of the easiest t..
Coin Board - CR2032 Battery PCB
The Coin Board is a simple Coin Cell Battery holder board for Lithium (CR2032 Batteries). It was des..
DIY 328 Board - ATMEGA328P Microcontroller Board
Are you ready to give SMD soldering a try?  The DIY version of the 328 board is a great project..
Kevin Darrah ATMEGA328P Cheater Board PCB
These ATMEGA328P Cheater Board PCBs by Kevin Darrah are a bare-bones style PCB for the ATMEGA328P-PU..
LDO Board - Linear Regulator Board
The LDO board or "Low Drop Out" board is essentially a break out board for linear regulators. It sup..
Platform Board
The Platform Board allows for easy prototyping with various KD Circuits' boards including the BLE Bo..
The trigBoard - KD Ciruits
The trigBoard is an IoT project that does one thing - it pushes you a notification triggered by a di..
The Ultimate Prototyping Board ATMEGA328
The Ultimate Prototype Board offers a slick solution to making your projects more permanent. Instead..
The USB to Serial Converter - KD Circuits
The USB to Serial Converter's core function is to covert a USB connection from a PC/MAC/Linux into a..
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