Devi Ever Hyperion Clone Kit

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Model: K0DEH
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Information about the original Hyperion: "The Hyperion is everything the Big Muff wishes it could be.  It can cut through in a loud, live, band setting.  It has a gorgeous sustain that full of harmonically rich tonal characteristics that doesn’t require much tweaking of your amp, guitar, or pedal board to get just the right sound you are looking for.  The gain control is incredibly interactive allowing for intense over the top octavia-style leads, wooly gainy rhythm, or pulled back all the way gives you just enough grit with out being too gated.  The Hyperion is also the first pedal to have the honor of being stolen and cloned by another pedal company (and sold for twice the price no less!).  So while most people are cloning and tweaking the Big Muff… it looks like some people are beginning to find it more useful to clone and tweak the Hyperion… and rightfully, because a modern age, deserves a modern high gain fuzz worth imitating."

This kit is based on the Devi Ever Hyperion 2 layout provided by IvIark at tagboardeffects:

It also contains the parts to build the Devi Ever Hyperion 1 layout, if you do not want the added oscillation control.

Kit Includes:

  • 1/4 Watt 1% Metal Film Resistors
  • Nichicon Audio-Grade Electrolytic Capacitor
  • WIMA Polybox Capacitors
  • mk-vb11 Stripboard PCB
  • 3PDT Heavy Duty Footswitch
  • 3 100K Alpha Linear Potentiometers
  • DC Power Socket
  • Parts List
  • Printed Color Board Layout/Schematic
  • Header Pins (for socketing the transistors)
  • 2.2K Carbon-film resistor for enclosure LED (LED sold seperately)

Kit Doesn't Include:


Manufacturers and product names are mentioned solely for circuit identification, and where applicable their trademarks are the property of their respective owners who are in no way associated or affiliated with the author. No cooperation or endorsement is implied.  It is NOT an exact copy of the original. If you want one of them, I suggest you buy one. This is a clone kit for hobbyist/guitarists wanting to take a more hands-on approach and enjoy the rewarding process of building and customizing their own effects pedals. Some changes may have been made as seen fit by the team at tagboardeffects that deviate from the original.

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