TEA5767 Low-power FM Stereo Radio Module

Brand: mklec Select
Model: TEA5767
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The TEA5767 is an electronically tuned FM stereo radio for low-voltage applications.  It has fully integrated Intermediate Frequency (IF) selectivity and demodulation. The radio is completely adjustment-free and only requires a minimum of small and low cost external components. The radio can be tuned to the European, US, and Japanese FM bands.


  • High sensitivity due to integrated low-noise RF input amplifier.
  • FM mixer for conversion to IF of the US/Europe (87.5 MHz to 108 MHz) and Japanese (76 MHz to 91 MHz) FM band
  • Preset tuning to receive Japanese TV audio up to 108 MHz
  • RF Automatic Gain Control (AGC) circuit
  • FM IF selectivity performed internally
  • Phase-locked loop (PLL) synthesizer tuning system
  • I2C-bus and 3-wire bus, selectable via pin BUSMODE
  • Soft mute
  • Signal dependent mono to stereo blend (Stereo Noise Cancelling)
  • Signal dependent High Cut Control (HCC)
  • Soft mute, SNC and HCC can be switched off via the bus
  • Autonomous search tuning function
  • Standby mode
  • Bus enable line to switch the bus input and output lines into 3-state mode

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