BH1750 Digital Light Sensor Module

Brand: mklec Select
Model: BH1750FVI-01
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The BH1750 BH1750FVI digital light sensor module provides microcontrollers with light-level sensing with resolutions as fine as 0.5 lux.

This module is built upon the BH1750 light sensor made by Rohm Semiconductor.
It provides reasonably accurate, quantitative values for the light level.
The BH1750 can be operated in continuous or single measurement mode, and has resolution settings of 0.5 lx, 1 lx, and 4 lx.
It communicates over I2C.
With this module, you can measure light levels much more accurately and consistently than using a light-dependent resistor.

*Requires soldering (header pins)

IMPORTANT!! - VCC is 3.3V.  Do NOT connect to 5V!

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