NRF24L01+ 2.4GHz Wireless RF Transceiver Module

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Model: NRF24L01+MOD
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The NRF24L01+ 2.4GHz wireless RF transceiver is a low-power module allows for high-speed SPI communication between microcontroller units (such as an Arduino).
The range for these are approximately 120ft., depending on the conditions.
They can be used for projects such as:

  • Remote sensors for temperature, pressure, alarms, much more
  • Robot control and monitoring
  • Remote control and monitoring of nearby or neighborhood buildings

Supply Voltage (VCC): 3 - 3.6V (3.3V recommended), do NOT connect to 5V power supply!


8 - IRQ 7 - MISO
6 - MOSI 5 - SCK
4 - CSN 3 - CE
2 - VCC 1 - GND

Arduino Library:
Arduino NRF24L01 Page:

NOTE: We recommend using a 1uF - 10uF electrolytic capacitor connected to VCC & GND to help smooth the power input and help prevent power issues.

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