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10mm x 15mm Black On-Off Toggle Switch - 3A
This black rectangle on-off toggle switch is 10mm x 15mm and is rated at 3A @ 250V with a sturdy pla..
17mm Grooved Black Plastic Potentiometer Knob - Knurled Shaft
This 17mm grooved black plastic potentiometer knob has a matte finish and fits our knurled shaft pot..
19.6mm x 5.5mm SPDT Slide-Toggle Switch with Mounting Holes - Black
These mini black SPDT sliding toggle switches feature mounting holes for easy fastening to enclosure..
2 Pin Shunt Jumper - Black
2 pin, 2 position shunt jumpers are commonly used for configuring IDE hard drives, header pin config..
23mm Black Round On-Off Toggle Switch - 6A
This black round on-off toggle switch is approx. 23mm in diameter and are rated at 6A @ 250V, 10A @ ..
27mm Red Black Alligator Clips - 1 Pair
These 27mm red and black insulated alligator clips easily fit up to 20 AWG hookup wire and have sold..
3.5mm TRRS 4-pole Female Socket - Black
This 3.5mm TRRS 4-pole female socket is great for repairing cables, making extension cable..
$3.15 $2.00 -37%
3.5mm TRRS 4-pole Male Plug - Black
This 3.5mm TRRS 4-pole male plug is great for repairing headsets, making extension cables, custom ad..
3mm LED Black Plastic Holder
These 3mm LED black plastic holders are a nice finish to your guitar pedal or other enclosure projec..
$0.10 $0.02 -80%
3x4 Matrix Keypad - Black
This 3x4 matrix keypad is a quality black keypad, great for security keypads and other projects. ..
5mm LED Black Plastic Holder - Flat
These 5mm LED black plastic holders are a nice finish to your guitar pedal or other enclosure projec..
$0.10 $0.02 -80%
Black Arts Toneworks Pharaoh Clone Kit
This Black Arts Toneworks Pharaoh Clone Kit is a DIY guitar effects pedal kit that is based off of t..
Davies 1510 Style Potentiometer Knob - Black
Davies 1510 style potentiometer knob with flat-head set screw. Color: Black Material: Plasti..
Dual Banana Plug Terminal Binding Post - Insulated
These dual banana plug / terminal binding posts feature a red and black thumb screw. They are insul..
JST 2-pin Black Snap Connector Pair With Wire Leads
These JST 2-pin black snap connector pair with wire leads are great for secure connect/disconnect ap..
M5 x 50mm Socket Head Cap Screw - Black Oxide Finish
Our M5 x 50mm socket head cap screws have a black oxide finish. They are made of steel and have 25m..
Plastic Project Enclosure Box - 104 x 69 x 39 mm
This plastic project enclosure box measures approximately 104mm x 69mm x 39mm (4.1 in x 2.7 in x 1.5..