4 Digit 7 Segment Display with Colon - Red - Common Anode

Brand: mklec Select
Model: CL5642BH
SKU Code: 180-737-5642
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This 4-digit 7-segment display has an independent colon and decimal points.  It has 12 pins and illuminates red with common anodes.

  • Color: Red
  • Number of Digits: 4
  • Common Anode
  • 12 Pins

Note: The first decimal point (farthest to the left) does not illuminate.  It's pin has been allocated to the colon instead so the colon can be illuminated separate from the other 3 decimal points.

7 Segement 4 digit 12-pin common anode dislay pinout

7 segment 4 digit 12 pin display common anode pinout diagram

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