LM317 Adjustable DIY AC-DC Voltage Regulator PCB Kit

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The LM317 Adjustable DIY AC-DC voltage regulator pcb kit allows hobbyist to build their own variable voltage regulator with an AC or DC voltage input.
It includes a toggle on/off switch, potentiometer & knob, 2 pin terminal and all of the parts necessary to build this kit.

Kit does NOT come assembled.  Assembled kit shown for reference purposes only.

Kit Includes:

  • LM317 PCB
  • 1N4007 Rectifier Diodes (x4)
  • 100nF Ceramic Disc Capacitors (x2)
  • 2N5551 Transistor
  • PTC Resettable Fuse
  • 3mm Diffused LED (x1)
  • 4.7K Carbon Film Resistor (for LED)
  • 5K Potentiometer & Knob
  • TO-220 Heatsink
  • LM317 1A Voltage Regulator
  • 10uF 25V, 470uF 50V & 2200uF 50V Electrolytic Capacitors
  • 2-pin Terminal Block


The switch & output terminals can be soldered directly to the PCB, however we recommend considering how the device will fit in an enclosure (if an enclosure is desired) before soldering these to the PCB.  If the voltage converter is to be mounted in an enclosure, then we recommend attaching these parts using some of our hookup wire so they can be properly mounted to the enclosure.

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