5mm LED Slow Fade RGB Color Changing - Clear

Brand: mklec Select
Model: K-S5MUBS
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Tags: 5mm, led, slow fade, fade, rgb

5mm slow-fade RGB (Red/Green/Blue) color-changing LEDs automatically fade between red, green and blue.  There are no settings and the sequence is automatic.

  • 3 Colors - Red/Green/Blue (7 colors if counting the transistions between colors)
  • Clear LED lens
  • Forward Voltage: 3 - 3.4V

Be sure to use a proper resistor.  We recommend at least 1K resistors depending on voltage being applied.

Due to the frequency generated by these LEDs, these can cause audible noise when connected to an audio circuit,
such as an effects pedal.  We recommend you purchasing a standard LED in addition to this when using in an audio circuit
just in case you experience this problem.


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