Misc. ICs

We carry a variety of ICs that are unique in their purpose and you will find those in the miscellaneous category.

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BA1404 FM Stereo Transmitter IC Chip DIP-18
The BA1404 DIP-18 IC allows you to easily build your own stereo FM radio station/pirate radio statio..
CD40106 Hex Schmitt Trigger IC
Texas Instruments CD40106BE Hex Schmitt Trigger ICs feature 6 Schmitt-trigger circuits and operate b..
CD4050B Non-Inverting CMOS Hex Buffer-Converter - TI
The CD4050B device is a non-inverting hex buffer and feature logic-level conversion using only one s..
ICL7660S CMOS Voltage Converter
The Intersil ICL7660 CMOS Voltage Converters are monolithic CMOS power supply circuits which offer u..
MSGEQ7 Graphic Equalizer Display Filter 7-band DIP IC
MSGEQ7P is a 7-band graphic equalizer display filter that provides a 7 frequency range separation of..
$3.85 $2.75 -29%
NE571N Compandor Subscriber DIP-16
The NE571 is a versatile low cost dual gain control circuit in which either channel may be used as a..
PT2399 Digital Delay IC DIP-16
PT2399 is an echo audio processor IC utilizing CMOS Technology which is equipped with ADC and DAC, h..
SN74HC595N 8-Bit Shift Register DIP-16 IC
The SN74HC595 devices contain an 8-bit serial-in, parallel-out shift register that feeds an 8-bit D-..
ULN2803APG 8 Channel Darlington Sink Driver - Toshiba
These ULN2803 IC chips contains 8 drivers that are able to sink up to 500mA from a maximum 50v suppl..
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