MKLEC Rotary Encoder PCB

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The MKLEC Rotary Encoder PCB allows you to easily add a rotary encoder to your project.  We've designed it with multi-application uses in mind, making it more dynamic in it's application.  The header pins to not come pre-attached, which gives you the ability to choose how you would like to connect it to your project, ie. using hookup wire instead.

These should fit most standard 5-pin rotary encoders.  Please check the dimensions as listed in our blog post below.


  • 1oonF Debounce Capacitors - The PCB comes with 2 pre-installed* 100nF 0805 Yageo MLCC capacitors to cut the debounce problems common to rotary encoders.
  • 10K Resistors - The PCB also comes with 5 pre-installed* 10K 1/8w 0805 KOA Speer 1% pull-up resistors, 4 for the A and B pins and 1 for the switch.
  • Multi-application design
    • 4 x 3mm holes - The PCB comes with 4 x 3mm holes for mounting the PCB to an enclosure or other surface.  This gives you the ability to mount the PCB securely or simply use M3 standoffs for spacers below the PCB while testing and prototyping.
    • Optional header pins - The header pins do not come soldered to the PCB.  This is so you can choose to use the header pins or solder your wires directly to the solder pads for permanent installations and applications.


* If you would like your PCB without the pre-installed components, please contact us.  If we have some in stock that do not have the components installed, we'll gladly send you those instead if you prefer.

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