40 Wire Rainbow Ribbon Cable Female-Female Jumper Wires

Brand: mklec Select
SKU Code: 81-759-4081
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40 wire rainbow ribbon cable female-to-female jumper wires, dupont-style connectors, make connecting sensors and jumpering between header pins quick and easy.
The wires can easily be peeled apart to the desired wire quantity to make your own sized cables, such as 3-wire or 4-wire connections common with Arduino sensors.
The color variation makes it easy to keep from getting your wires crossed, which minimizes your chances of damaging components due to wrong wire configurations.

  • 40p or 40 wires per cable
  • 10 different color variations
  • Easily connects to male header pins
  • Cable Length: 8 inches
  • Can be used with our dupont-style housings for easier connections

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