Lithium Ion 2S 7.4V 3A Over Charge-Discharge Protection PCB

Brand: mklec Select
Model: FDC-2S-2
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This PCB protects Lithium Ion batteries configured in 2S from over-charging and over-discharging.
It also protects the cells from over-current loads, limiting the maximum output to 3A.
It also features short-circuit protection, which protects the batteries from damage in the event of a short on the output wires.
This module is NOT a charging circuit!  An adequate charger must be used to properly charge your batteries.

Parameter Min Typ Max Unit
Charging Voltage - 7.4 8 V
Charging Current - - 3 A
Discharge Current - - 3 A
Overcharge detection per cell 4.32 4.35 4.38 V
Overdischarge detection per cell - 2.9 - V

In order to activate the protection module output, a charge voltage must be briefly applied to the P+/P- terminals after the batteries are connected to it. This must be repeated if the batteries are disconnected from the protection PCB.

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