About Us

Who Are We?

My Wife and Imklec is a small independent online retailer located in Columbus, Mississippi.
It is ran by my wife (Amanda) and I (David Miles) and our goal is to serve you.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide you with quality electronic components
at a price that is very affordable and a delivery time that's FAST.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions
or product requests and we'll do our best to try and meet those needs.

Beyond that, and more importantly, we want to share in relationships with
our customers and we want your feedback, good and bad. Our philosophy is "People over Profit", meaning
people matter most and will always come before profit. We hope to build a community that allows
everyone to interact with one another and to be here to provide you with great products to keep
the projects going and development moving forward. By doing so, perhaps we'll make
a penny or two along the way, but we hope it's a place were people can connect and share.

Check out our Google+ Community or our Google+ Page for more details.  You can also find us on Facebook and interact with us there.

How Did It Start?

Well I personally enjoy building useful and interesting circuits.  After my local "electronics store", I'll leave the name unmentioned, disappointed me time after time by not having what I need or being overpriced on what they did have, I resorted to ordering online.  I came across some great deals, but it usually meant waiting 2-4 weeks to get the orders or paying expensive shipping and handling fees, so I decided to do the price shopping and waiting for you.  My wife thought it was a great idea and so we started mklec.  We operate our business from home, which keeps our operating costs to a minimum, and then pass that savings on to you!

Why "MKLEC"?

The first idea for a name was Miles Electronics, but that was too long of a name, especially as a URL.  So after much brainstorming and research, we decided upon mklec, which is an abbreviation for "Miles" "Knott" "Electronics", our last name and my wife's maiden name.  Crunch them together and out came mklec.  Since we are about family and people, it only made sense to include our family names in it.